Cyberbullying doesn’t stop creator from challenging gender stereotypes in video games


This is actually one of the reasons I’m not a gamer myself the sexisim within the gaming industry is very worrying and dangerous. however i dont just think that sexisim in aimed at women as a “beta” male i find the male characters in games are just as hard to accept as the female ones and are just as responsible for the negative stereotypes which lead in their logical conclusion to discrimination.


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When Anita Sarkeesian began raising money via Kickstarter last year for a project analyzing gender in video games, she received support from almost 7,000 backers — raising over $150,000.

She also got death threats.

In starting the Tropes vs. Women In Video Games project, Sarkeesian, founder of the Feminist Frequency video blog, committed the crime of looking to produce and research a series of YouTube (s GOOG) videos questioning why the roles female characters play in mainstream gaming are problematic at best and insulting at worst.

Everything would have been fine, if 4Chan hadn’t found out about it, and declared troll war upon her. The New York Times summarized the abuse she received as a result of the campaign:

Angry fumers tried to hack her Twitter and Google accounts; they e-mailed her drawings of her being raped by video game characters; one even created a Flash game where you clicked the mouse…

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