so i realized just now after reading through what i had previously posted that i am very interested in gender roles within art and so i will be investigating this area more.

this is a quote from a pdf i found online the link looks a bit like this Chapter 4.10: Art and Gender – WW Norton & Company

Our assumptions about gendered roles are
often based on cultural stereotypes. For example, the ancient Egyptians and Greeks developed formal methods for representing the ideal


human figure in art, with males being presented as strong and athletic, while females appear demure. Similarly, in our modern society we construct our own ideas about what men and women should look like and how they should behave. Artworks depicting men have historically referred to their powerful bodies or leadership roles. In contrast, women have tended to be shown in artworks either as passive, eroticized subjects who exist solely for the viewer’s pleasure, or, alternately, in the role of nurturers in domestic scenarios. There are, however, numerous examples of artworks that consciously counter these stereotypical representations and show images of men as vulnerable and women in positions of power.




One response to “realiseation.”

  1. uocgender says :

    heres an example of art questioning gender steriotypes

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