this post may be relavant but i havnt had time to read all of it because i really need to get on with my animation. their is a link to annother blog that may be worth reading too.
oz. (james)

Melissa Huang: Musings on Art and Gender

Sorry for the unintended hiatus readers! This quarter has been a busy one (I’ll post some of my paintings as well as a paper shortly). However! I’ve recently entered a long period of free time (Fitting a semester of study abroad into my university’s quarter system is not ideal) and posts should be up on a more frequent basis.

For now, I’d like to suggest reading Museum 2.0’s article on the gender imbalance in art museums. This is an incredible blog and a fascinating subject, so definitely check it out!

Quick summary of the article: women usually make up the majority of art museum staff. Is this a problem?

In my opinion, no. Well, it is a problem, but not for the reasons you may suspect. While there are some who view women-dominated industries to be just as problematic as ones dominated by men, they’re not. For one, there…

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